November 12 , 2017

A synthetic ice rink opened last week at Hawthorn Mall in Vernon Hills.


Globus Inc., of Highland Park repurposed a second-floor space clothing store as Skate Room, a new concept in the suburbs. The space previously occupied by a rue21 store is across from the food court and just outside JCPenney.

The 54-foot by 24-foot rink consists of 56 fitted panels of a synthetic, self-lubricated material called XTRAICE. The rink can accommodate up to 20 people at a time.

According to information provided to the village, Vernon Hills is the first suburb with a synthetic ice rink. A similar rink was installed in the Sheraton Hotel in Chicago for an event organized by a local hockey association, and at one time had been located on the 94th Floor of the John Hancock Center.

Kevin Jotkus, who owns Globus Inc., a home remodeling/construction company, and his wife, Alena, an attorney, are the owners of the business, which they hope to franchise.


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